My Small Circle of Influence

I remember my first Sunday school class. It was a class of 1. I was sure I was going to wow that young man and draw hundreds. I was 17 and sure I would “grow the church” through my class. I soon found out it wasn’t to be. It took less than a year until I was praying God would let me quit teaching.

I had become lazy in my study. When I started teaching I would study to have the best class ever, but by the time that first year was over I never studied for class. I would just wing it. No problem, I remember thinking, I knew more than this kid anyway.

I was praying that God would bring me more kids in to teach. One day I heard His voice loud and clear. He spoke it gently, but I heard it loud and clear. He told me that until he could trust me with the 1 He could never trust me with 100.

About 23 years later and now pastor of that church; we had about 14 people in service this last Sunday night. I was disappointed, but I put everything I had into it. God really moved and we had one of those services that make you sit back later and say, “thank you Lord for remembering us.”

My small circle of influence is a church on the corner of Wills Avenue and 11th street in Rockford Illinois. It has been around since 1980 and has been a turning point in a lot of people’s lives. We were started with a store front mentality. In the beginning we would have some food and clothes on hand to give to transients that would come in. We now run a food pantry and have a clothing room.

Along with the food pantry we give to 3 different missionaries. One thing can be said about my small circle of influence. The 30 to 40 people are active and alive. We are a small group doing big things.

There are ways to keep your small circle of influence alive, but it’ll take some effort on your part. What can you do today to bring life into your small circle of influence?

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