God Called?

I’m a dreamer. I’m always wanting to start something new. That’s pretty funny seeing that I do not like change. Anyway, I heard the other day of an opening for a pastor at a church close to my home. The church I pastor is about 20 minutes or so away so it’s tempting to have something closer. Not only that, but it’s a full time position. Right now I work 50 hours per week away from the church and drive about an hour and a half back and forth to work.

Needless to say, for a dreamer I had a lot to think about. Not that they were offering the position to me, but they didn’t know who I was. I started figuring out how much I could save in gas, how much insurance would cost etc. Then a few thoughts came to me.

This new church has a different belief than I do. No, we both believe Jesus is the only way of salvation and the foundational truths are the same, but some of the fundamentals are different. I started letting my mind think about crossing some lines and accepting some of our differences. I pondered whether or not I could omit some of those differences from the messages and be ok.

Truth is, I feel strongly that I am called to stand for those fundamentals and to ignore those is to ignore the calling God has called me to. I’ve heard the joke a few times lately about the guy who was on a stranded island alone. When his rescuers finally showed up they noticed 3 structures. Asked, the lonely man answered the first one was his home and the second was his place of worship. How about the third? He pointed out that was the church he used to go to. Jesus spoke to individual angels of individual churches and gave them specific callings. I have no time for a church that isn’t standing for the truth, but some need to be examples of different aspect of the truth.

Isaiah was called on to go to a people fat who would not listen. He was told to do some things that were to the shame of the people. Jonah was called to a people ripe for conversion, and all he had to do was prophesy. Paul had grace for the gentiles. The foundation was all the same, but the fundamentals varied.

I am not called to this other opportunity and I knew it. I allowed myself to look elsewhere and compare, and we all know that contentment is destroyed by comparison. At the point of this realization I started thinking about the true church I serve. Not the situation I’m in. The pastorate is not a paid position, I put 50 hours a week in and then I pastor too, it’s a small congregation and building. It’s a humble situation. I’d like to do something more at times. That’s the situation; not the church. The church is those 35 – 40 people I may have at any time. One by one their faces flashed before my eyes. That’s what I’m called to. It’s not sinful to wish for a better situation. God is good about increasing the boarders of those who are faithful, but we are called where we are.

Don’t allow yourself to become discouraged and make mistakes. Be faithful to your calling and let God reward you in His timing. I’m called to Souls Harbor Church and until He calls me elsewhere that is where I’ll stay. I am proud of those I serve with, and I’m proud of who we are.

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