Episode 2: Don’t forget the family

The resources are so precious in a small church that those who are a part of a small church are often asked to give more than what they may have thought they ever had to. Like the time I was kneeling down in front of a toilet I had to repair after my son and one of his friends were found in the bathroom together, doing as they said, “NOTHING.” I tell the story in the podcast.

God calls upon us to put the family first. We see that He spoke out against child sacrifice. He doesn’t want us to sacrifice our children for the ministry. Of course we also need to be careful that we don’t put our families over the ministry when it isn’t necessary. I know many people that take Sunday morning as the time they are going to, “spend with the family.” I can’t help but wonder what they did the rest of the week that was more important than scheduling family time in a way they can still be about the work of God.

I have found that the best way to spend time with the family and be about the ministry is to include them in the ministry. Now there are some times that is not possible, but often it is. My children are no strangers to working around the church, or even the occasional hospital visit. However you decide to arrange your schedule, remember, don’t forget the family.

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