In an effort to reach people with the message of Jesus Christ we can sometimes get discouraged at only seeing the same faces every week. We like seeing those faces, but we want to know that we are doing more. For years I have figured that God will add to our local assembly such as should be there. I may have neglected the intelligence that He has given me. God can do it all without us, but He chooses to use us. He can make our house payment for us without us going to work, but He gives us strength and skill to work. He can add to the church, but He has put us in place to function with intelligence and wisdom.

Here are three questions you need to ask yourself to find the disconnect.

  1. Are people visiting? If no then:
    1. You may need to consider your outreach.
    2. You may need to consider the external view of your grounds.
  2. Are people only coming for a short time? If no then:
    1. You may want to consider the internal view of your buildings.
    2. You may need to consider how others make visitors feel.
    3. You may consider if the message is actually connecting with the visitors.
  3. Are people staying, but never accepting Jesus as their personal savior?
    1. The only advise I have for this is to fast and pray. The visitors like the community, but aren’t sold on the message of Jesus. This is a shame, but a change comes through Him and not the church.

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