Episode 7: What to do when someone leaves the church

This topic stems in part because of last weeks point that in conflict resolution you need to be decisive and let people go.

This topic is a tough one for me. I remember the first couple that left the church I pastor. It was in the first year of pastoring, but I remember it like it was yesterday. Through the years I have found that I have had to deal with 4 types of people that leave the church. I hope this helps a little in dealing with them. Listen to the podcast for a deeper dive into the issue, but you can use this as a springboard

Four types of people that leave:

  1. Those that leave to go on to something they are called to
  2. Those that have caused trouble and needed to leave.
  3. Those that have left when they shouldn’t have.
    1. Maybe they left because there was trouble
    2. Maybe they were just looking for something else
    3. Maybe thy left because of a misunderstanding
  4. Those that have left the faith

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