Episode 8: 5 Things to do when you have nothing to give

Let’s face it, sometimes we as pastors, church leadership, or just ministers don’t have anything to give. We can’t hear God, and quite frankly we don’t even have the will to try. We are dry and we don’t have the energy to care.

Maybe you are reading this and thinking, “that isn’t right, you should always be on fire.” You’d be right, but the word in that statement that is key is “should.” A person should always be on fire, but welcome to the real world. It doesn’t always happen that way. If you haven’t experienced this then you are either young in the Lord, in denial, or very exceptional. Chances are good that one day you will experience a brick wall in your Christian walk.

I have found these 5 things get me through the dry times when I have nothing to give and bring a fullness to life:

  1. Pray
  2. Read your Bible.
  3. Fellowship with other believers
  4. Listen, Read, watch to be fed
  5. Trust others to bring the Word

Listen to the podcast for more on this topic. Feel free to Email us at smallchurchmentor@gmail.com with any questions or concerns. We want to be here for you.


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