Episode 12: Why do we gather

Last Sunday afternoon I laid down and rested. As a matter of fact I enjoyed my rest too much. While laying there I heard my wife getting the kids ready for church. She called into me that it was time to go, to which I replied that I would rather stay home. To which she replied, ok.

See, it isn’t just the members that want to skip church sometimes, even the pastors do. However, I don’t just go to church. If I was just going to go then I wouldn’t have gone, but I have a why. As a matter of fact I have found 6 reasons why I go to church. It’s not, “what I do,” It’s, “why I do it.”

In this weeks podcast I discuss those 6 reasons why I gather together with believers. This is not an exhaustive list and I’m sure I’ll revisit it again sometime, but it is enough to get started.

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