Episode 14: Eyes on the Future part 1

Almost 15 years ago  became concerned with the future of the church I pastor. The mostly older congregation had moved on or passed away. People would pull into the parking lot and when there were only two cars they would leave rather than risk the awkward feel of sitting in a service with 4 people.

We held on for a few years and finally my discouragement got to the best of me. I made a decision. I would leave the church open until the founder passed away, then I’d close the doors. I know that is a horrible 5 year plan, but discouragement took its toll on me.

Gods plan is better than ours. 10 years later the founder is still an active member of the church, at 90 years old, and the doors are still open. We are still micro, but we are excelling as a church.

Now I’m looking 5 to 10 years down the road and I’m excited by what I see. We have some great young people that are developing into great leaders.

I’m working to ensure they stick to it. The two areas that I’m working on is their ‘life choices,’ and ‘college prep.’

Listen to the recording for the full discussion on this part 1. You can subscribe on iTunes and get it uploaded weekly.

Please feel free to email us at Smallchurchmentor@gmail.com for any comments questions or ideas for future podcasts.

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