Episode 23: Don’t Compare Others to Yourself

Sitting around one Sunday afternoon we were having a birthday party for a gentleman in the church and I decided to go upstairs and record a quick podcast. If there is one thing that we small churches know how to do it is pot luck meals. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole; and don’t get me started on deserts, wow. As pastor I find it my responsibility to sample everything.

After the meal comes the ride home. Well the chicken and dumplings were good, but sister Sue makes them better. Did you try the chocolate cake? Is it as good as mine? Did you notice who didn’t help with clean-up?

Truth is the church I belong to isn’t so bad at this, but we do have our times, as I’m sure everyone does. It is interesting that we are always told not to compare ourselves to others. My mom would tell me that when I didn’t throw the ball so well or when I didn’t get as good of grades as someone else. It was her way of making me feel better and not be discouraged.

However, no one had to teach me to compare others to myself. Well, brother John doesn’t give as much in the offering as I do, or Sister Jane only comes to church on Sunday mornings. It’s a dangerous place to get into when you compare others to yourself. This podcast is simply a short one reminding us to be careful in this.


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