Episode 24: Anniversaries and Times to Celebrate

One of my favorite times of the year is my anniversary. I like anniversaries and birthdays because they celebrate people and events. Anniversaries can help us remember the importance of an event. God used anniversaries in the form of feast days to help Israel remember and even look forward to events.

In the podcast I talk of the feast days and how God used them. I also talk about Anniversaries. Now, not only the marriage anniversaries, but any relevant anniversaries or anniversaries that mark a big event, such as when a church was founded, or when a pastor came on board. There is something about celebrating special events that seems to bring people together. Finally, I like to celebrate birthdays. This celebrates the people. Truth is, you have nothing if you don’t have people.

I love celebrating anniversaries. This technique helps enhance friendships, unity, and a sense of importance. Listen to the podcast for more a better overview.

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