Episode 26: Speak the Truth

When I asked my 16 year old son what he felt was the most importance advice to pastors, he said that, “they should preach the truth.”

Of course this is sometimes trite. All pastors want to, and feel that they do preach the truth. As a matter of fact most preachers would argue passionately that they do preach the truth. I think sometimes it isn’t so much that the preachers are telling lies, as much as we leave things out. A preacher learns their comfort zone and it is difficult to stray from it.

For example; I’m not much of an end time preacher, but now with unrest again in Jerusalem there is direct prophetic ties to end time prophecy. I would be remiss if I don’t mention it. Some preachers don’t feel comfortable mentioning the judgments of God and some don’t feel right speaking about the love of God.

As pastors we need to be well rounded in our message. I’m not so worried about style as much as I am concerned about the message. Listen to this podcast for a deeper dive into this topic.

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