Episode 27: Believe in the Gifts of Others

It has been said that every man sees the world from the bell tower of his own city. Because of this we often times have difficulty in allowing others to function in a style of their own. We relate to our style best and if someone functions differently we feel that their way is not as good as ours. We hate to verbalize it that way, but it is a deep seated feeling none the less.

The first step in believing in the gifts of others is to accept their way of doing things. Now, I understand there are some styles that are not proper and should not be allowed, but for the most part we need to look patiently at others.

No one person can be everything to everyone. We need others to fill in the gaps of our own potential. I find myself jealous of other ministers at times. I wish that I could reach people like some of they can. I have a gentleman in the church that is able to talk to anyone anywhere. I am jealous of the way my mentor and fist pastor can preach. At 90 years old he can still preach. Whenever he does I hear for a week how much everyone loves the way he preaches. I’m jealous of gifts of others in the church that I pastor, but when I allow others to minister in the way that they are called then we become a well-rounded body of believers.

It is an absolute fact that we need one another. So, we need to believe in the gifts of others. For a deeper study into this fact listen to the podcast. For more podcasts then subscribe to us on iTunes and please, leave a comment.

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